Students and Residents

Michael A. Connerney, M.S. on the left (closest to the poster), Angela Lee is in the middle wearing light blue, and Jessica Charles is on the right.

Comments from students who attended FMEC (Oct 2016)

Yun Li (MS IV / MBA candidate)
The meeting was very meaningful and fruitful for me! I spoke with several program directors and residents - many in the programs I would apply next year. It helped a lot talking to them in person and got a real feel of the vibe of the program. I learned the differences in programs' training sites, curriculum, and fellowship opportunities. It was also a fun time because of the Halloween costume contest as well as the social time to interact with family physicians of various different learning and practice stages. Of course the posters, skills sessions, and the exhibit tables were very informative too. It helped me get both the residency/educational as well as employer perspectives. Many health systems have very high preference of family physicians as their primary care and urgent care providers. It was encouraging to learn those opportunities exist for family medicine physicians. It is indeed different from what I perceived during medical school. I also met all the Geisel second year students who were there. They presented an excellent poster and represented our school well!"

Please help me pass on my thank you to NHAFP, who funded my trip to FMEC. Without the sponsorship, it would be much difficult for me to take full advantage of this amazing learning and career-inspiring opportunity. I gained a decent number of residency and career perspectives. I feel very informed and empowered as a medical student applying to family medicine.

Michael Connerny, Jessica Charles, Angela Lee (all MS II)
The Family Medicine Education Consortium (FMEC) hosted their annual meeting this year in Pittsburgh from October 27th -30th . The meeting was filled with a diverse array of seminars, speakers, and workshops, covering engaging topics such as learning how to place an IUD and the importance of long- acting reversible contraceptives to prevention medicine jeopardy. The poster presentation enabled us to not only present the culmination of more than a year of research from the Migrant Health Project team at Geisel, but also interact with other researchers in various areas of family medicine. The conference held a residency fair that gave us invaluable information on many residency programs from Pennsylvania to Maine, and we were able to meet the physicians that make family medicine the incredible branch of medicine it is today. The FMEC meeting allowed us to learn more about family medicine, connect with amazing people, and have an enriching professional experience as we continue our path into medicine. We thank the NH Academy of Family Physicians for making our attendance possible.




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