Teaching Opportunities

The Family Medicine Clerkship at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth is looking for interested community preceptors. The clerkship is a six week required third year rotation that involves 5 weeks of clinic time. We are seeking board certified Family Physicians who are interested in teaching and whose practice could accommodate a learner for a 5 week period of time, 5 days/week. This might involve a single physician or be shared among a group. We are most interested in students experiencing broad spectrum Family Medicine, but obstetric care is optional. We are especially interested in sites within 30 minutes of Concord, Manchester, Nashua, or Keene as there is student housing already available. There is a stipend for this work. Preceptors must have a Geisel faculty appointment. Our office will assist you with this process.

If you or your practice is interested please contact:
Sandra.L.Cragin@dartmouth.edu or 603 650 4920. 

On Doctoring, a year one and two course at the Geisel School of Medicine, is looking for providers to act as preceptors for academic year 2013-14. Students stay with their preceptor for two years to ensure continuity of learning as well as the opportunity to create longitudinal relationships with patients in the practice.

 Students will visit your practice afternoons on a bi-weekly basis through the academic year for approximately 3 hours each visit.

 Preceptors would be responsible for:

1. Observing, guiding and teaching students the physical exam, patient interview and oral presentation.
2. Setting goals with the student in collaboration with the curriculum. A bi-weekly email is sent to inform preceptors of the goals and objectives for the upcoming visit.
3. Facilitating the student's professional orientation into the office practice.
4. Providing the student with feedback on his/her progress, based on preceptor's observation of clinical performance and of achievement of clinical competencies.
5. Planning learning experiences and assignments to help the student meet bi-weekly professional and clinical goals.
6. Consulting with the student’s small group facilitator as necessary.
Preceptors must have a Geisel faculty appointment. On Doctoring office will assist in this process.
Stipend for precepting students is provided.

If interested, please contact:
Terri L. Eastman, M.Ed.
On Doctoring Program Administrator



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