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Left to Right: New officers for NHAFP taking their oath, President Marie Ramas, MD takes her presidential oath, Ada Stewart, MD, FAAFP installs Marie Ramas, MD into presidency.
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AAFP Update
Ada Stewart
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When Silence Does Not Equal Acceptance: Actively creating a safe healthcare environment for LGBTQ+ patients
Liesl Matzka, MD
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Child & Adolescent Depression & Anxiety Pearls
Sarah Rocha, MD
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Children are our collective "village" responsibility. What is Mandatory reporting?
Resmiye Oral, MD
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WELLNESS. Strategies to promote professional re-engagement for you, for us, for our patients
Angela Yeardon-McLeod, DO
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Advance Care Planning in New Hampshire
Carly Rose Burke APRN
Lucas Burke
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Treating the Person and Not the Parts: Educaiton in Trauma Informed Care
Megan Bennett, MD
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How Value Based Care Advances Health Equity
Marie-Elizabeth Ramas, MD, FAAFP
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